AI Kitchen Awareness
with Real-Time Intervention

The Agot AI Kitchen Awareness platform is the only proven computer vision technology for QSR

Agot AI helps your team consistently delight customers with accurate and fast preparation of their orders. Our advanced solution continuously monitors your kitchen and when bottlenecks or mistakes are spotted, the AI intervenes in real-time to ensure a great customer experience.

Our Kitchen Awareness platform is powered by machine learning that translates visual observation into scalable analytics and actionable insights that will drive revenue, lower costs, and eliminate damaging customer complaints.

One Platform,
Endless Solutions

The Kitchen Awareness platform integrates with your existing kitchen systems, is easy to install, and requires little on-site maintenance.

Our technology gives you the power to install unlimited sensors in your kitchen easily, giving you access to metrics and insights that aren't possible with other methods.

Order Accuracy
Integrate to
Existing Tech
Hidden Metrics
Speed of Service
Advanced Analytics

Agot AI offers complex understandings by collecting elusive data that is difficult to capture through other methods and more reliable than human observation.

Live Order Intervention

Our Interventional Order Accuracy™ technology identifies items being prepared in your kitchen and issues real-time correction alerts to line workers, ensuring items are ingredient accurate and bagged correctly.

Streamlined Drive-Thru

Our integrated drive-thru system tracks customer vehicles as they queue and provides calculations to help your team members improve the staging of orders and ensure the right items go to each customer.