Stop Order Errors in Real-Time with AI Kitchen Awareness

Agot AI's Kitchen Awareness platform addresses the operational challenges faced by QSRs, including labor, compliance, and accuracy.

Never Before Seen Operations Insights

Agot AI Kitchen Awareness™ technology offers immediate benefits to your operations with improvements to order accuracy, peak sales and labor optimization.

Our machine learning experts will work with your team to customize a solution to target your goals and optimize for your menus and operations best practices.

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Our Tech Solves QSR's Biggest Problems

Agot AI technology tackles the biggest issues facing quick service restaurants today, with solutions designed to improve labor utilization, reduce food waste and improve order accuracy.

With our platform powering transformation, your customers will have an improved brand experience, kitchens will benefit from faster speed-of-service, and operations improvements will be fueled by data and backed by metric validation.

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How It Works

Agot uses computer vision technology to help operators address accuracy, labor and operational challenges. Our cameras analyze everything that happens in the restaurant, and an AI system provides real-time prompts to help optimize restaurant operations.

Our solution is tailored to the specific needs of our partner brands. We integrate our platform with other on-site technologies to seamlessly blend with existing restaurant operations and empower your employees with tools to deliver the best results for your customers.

More Customers, Less Waste

Agot observes processes and pacing in your kitchen to pinpoint opportunities for operational, training, labor placement, and other workforce improvement.

Modernized Drive Thru

Agot’s integrated drive-thru product ties in throughput and ops data from your back-of-house, enabling total Kitchen Awareness™ and in-store actionability.

Real-Time Ingredient Correction

Our real-time order accuracy suite uses meal & bag tracking, with ingredient identification, to identify and proactively address mistakes.

Complete Operational Visibility

Beyond real-time in-store interventions, our low-bandwidth Control Tower Analytics create a comprehensive view of operations, tying together labor, process, cars, and food.

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