Kitchen Awareness

A cutting edge computer vision solution for limited-service kitchens

How It Works
How It Works
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Operations Integrated Vision  Solutions

Agot.AI is the world's #1 kitchen-aware restaurant management system. Agot.AI offers real-time solutions to automate labor, improve visibility and increase service accuracy.

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one install. Many use cases.


The Nation’s Largest QSRs are Saving Big
Using Agot.AI

Online Order Accuracy
Eliminate online order errors
Reduce labor and food costs
Increase volume and ratings

Drive-Thru Car Tracking

Increase speed of service
Identify bottlenecks
Integrates with Kitchen APIs

Kitchen-aware APIs

Boost drive-thru speed-of-service
Improve pickup time estimates
Enhance operations visibility

Optimized Economics

Reduce food & labor wastage
Track every order prepped
Optimize repurchase rates

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