Pioneering QSR Technology
with Computer Vision AI

Our exclusive Kitchen Awareness platform learns and quantifies your restaurant’s operation patterns

Agot AI technology employs off-the-shelf cameras as ‘universal sensors’ to collect data that is unattainable through other methods or technologies.

We integrate with other kitchen sensors and productivity systems, providing scalable cloud data aggregation with infinite insight into hidden metrics and unseen KPIs.

Diagram showing Agot AI Kitchen Aware Edge Device as the connection hub to a Cloud Server, CV Camera, Point-of-Sale device and Kitchen Display System

Revolutionary Analytics

Computer vision technology uses cameras to identify, classify, and track objects and activities in your kitchen.

Our AI can be trained to provide data on anything captured through the camera, acting as a sort of 'universal sensor' that can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.

Woman standing at a check-out counter holding a mobile device

Limitless Integration

Our Kitchen Awareness platform can integrate with most operations using simple plug-and-play connections.

We also support legacy or customized kitchen systems by offering solutions that can convert display system feeds into data that our AI can process and manage.

Unlock Your Kitchen's
True Potential

Measure the impact of new products on your kitchen efficiency, understand what causes common errors and review video to get a look under the hood at how your team members navigate peak hours.

An employee with a clipboard standing next to an employee with a push cart of goods