Pioneering QSR Technology with Computer Vision AI

Our exclusive Kitchen Awareness platform learns and quantifies your restaurant’s operation patterns

Agot AI technology employs off-the-shelf cameras as ‘universal sensors’ to collect data that is unattainable through other methods or technologies. Our Kitchen Awareness platform captures meal orders from any channel, including in-store, online or drive-thru.

Our Interventional Order Accuracy technology then identifies items being prepared and issues real-time correction alerts to line workers, ensuring items are ingredient accurate and bagged correctly.

Revolutionary Analytics

Agot AI offers complex understandings by collecting elusive data that is difficult to capture through other methods and more reliable than human observation. 

It's like having a team of specialists at all of your restaurants every shift, every day, who continuously identify opportunities to implement best staffing, kitchen, and operations practices.

Limitless Integration

Agot AI Kitchen Aware technology installs easily without disrupting existing operations and quickly begins generating operational improvements and real-time accuracy.

Our scalable solution provides insights at every level, from shift-by-shift optimizations to operational patterns spanning every restaurant in your organization.

Unlock Your Kitchen's
True Potential

Agot AI monitors kitchen and drive-thru events to improve speed of service across all lines of business, leading to improved staging processes and pacing actions.

Our real-time order intervention system then ensures accurate order delivery from last touch employees, delighting customers with a fast and consistent restaurant experience.