AI Powered Tech to Supercharge
Your Kitchen Operations

Labor Optimization

Our technology tracks speed-of-service bottlenecks and ops compliance then issues real-time employee notifications to optimize tasks and performance.

Faster service leads to increased customer satisfaction

Higher throughput increases top-line growth

Faster training ramp up and decreased labor turnover

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Improved Customer Brand Experience

Our technology tracks in-store and drive-thru customer journeys and powers employee prompts with actions to relieve excessive wait times.

Increased order accuracy helps brand reputation

Shorter wait times during peak hours

Fast and consistent service encourages repeat business

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Automated Checkout

Agot tracks orders as they are prepared across the make line and sends order information to the POS, automating the checkout process and reducing human error.

Higher peak throughput, reduced cashier slippage

Workload reduction allows employees to focus on other high value tasks

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