How it works

The Agot.AI Restaurant Manager

Agot AI System
POS System
Real-Time Analytics

Start by deploying our Agot boxes that are designed for easy installation on any ceiling type with depth-sensing cameras.

The Agot AI system watches order preparations to automatically ring up customers as they are ordering the food.

Integrate your payment process to let customers pay for their orders on their own without the need of the cashier.

Use the provided API to pull real‑time analytics on employee-level scoop volumes, station process lengths and more.

application #1

Bagging supervision

Bagging Supervision Application reads incoming online orders from the point of service and alerts human workers of possible errors via the kitchen display system and increasing volume of work.

application #2

Cashier automation

Cashier Automation Application inputs completed orders into the point of service system  instantly and more accurately than a human cashier, augmenting or even fully automating the cashier role, increasing throughput.

application #3

Visionary Analytics

Match the full preparation of every meal to a specific customer’s payment identity. Understand loss from poor service, shrinkage, over-serving, overcooking, etc.

Customer benefits

Quality Control
Our AI watches the cooking process and informs workers about possible errors.
Improved Accuracy
Reduce slippage by ringing customers up more accurately than a human cashier.
Cashierless Payments
Cashier automation system allows customers to pay without the cashiers.

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