How it works

Agot.AI's Kitchen

Agot AI System
KDS Alerting
Advanced Analytics

Agot's hardware is designed to be the most efficient edge solution, with easy one-time installation

Agot's system classifies prep tasks to check accuracy, quantity and speed as orders are prepared

Agot integrates with your Kitchen Display System to alert expeditors of errors in real time

Leverage next-generation drive-thru, labor and pacing analytics to revolutionize your operations

application #1

Revolutionary Analytics

True plug-play providing real-time solutions to automate labor, ensure order accuracy and enhance the speed and quality of service.

application #2

Limitless Integration

Agot integrates with all major POS and KDS systems; our system integrates with your technology infrastructure.

application #3

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Computer-vision is the most effective means to ensure employee protocols, which directly correlates to positive employee retention and recruitment.

Customer benefits

Improved Accuracy
Reduce errors and having to re-enter the line to increase the quality of service.
Quality Control
Our AI watches the cooking process and informs workers about errors.
Faster Service
Our AI improves speed of service by optimizing kitchen and drive-thru operations.

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